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Celtic Cross Reading


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5-Card Shadow/Highlight Reading




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5-Card Shadow/Highlight Spread

instead of Celtic Cross Spread

for 1/2 Hour Reading

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This pre-recorded video compares two people
and looks into their compatibility together. Birthdates required.




Read my Testimonials here

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All Readings include:



Personality Number, Life Path Number, Current Personal Year in 9-Year cycle & upcoming Personal Year.



Your birth sign has certain qualities & characteristics. In the reading we look at how your sun sign reflects your personality & compatibility with others.


Cards of Destiny

Your Birth Card is determined by your birthdate and carries certain qualities, strengths, and challenges with it.
Find out in the reading what your card means.

Love Card Game

Love Cards

Love cards reveal your dynamic and compatibility
with someone else based on your Birth Cards.
Do you have a karmic connection? What is
the best expression of your dynamic together?
What are the challenges?


Intuitive interpretation of symbols
based on your energy


My approach is both intuitive and systematic.
I use systems that employ resonance and vibration as their basis.
I believe that the world operates in energetic forms, vibration, and resonance.
The symbols, numbers and archetypes that arise in the readings are manifestations of that energy.

We are all collections of archetypes, and exploring and understanding these forms can be both illuminating and a source of rich understanding.
I can tailor any reading toward a specific topic, or use any one or combination of the modalities above for a custom reading.
I also do readings in person by special arrangement, and do readings for parties & events.

Please email me if you have any questions.