Star Parties



Want some out-of-this-world entertainment for your birthday party, bridal shower, holiday celebration or other special gathering? What better way than to treat your guests to their own personal 20-minute reading!

Whether at a fundraiser or a personal event, mini-readings become a great feature of a party. To join in the fun, your guests need only bring their date of birth. You provide a table and chair for me and a guest (or two guests, if they bring along a partner to the mini-reading). I provide the sign-up sheet and the stars.

Price: $60/hour
(or, you can have each guest opt to pay $20 individually per 20-minute reading)

Star Parties
Are you and your friends looking for a unique idea for your next get-together?

You bring the coffee or cocktails, and I’ll bring the cosmic illumination.
Star parties are a fun way for you and your friends to gain insights into yourself and world events. We can craft the Star Party’s theme to match your interests.

Some ideas:

The Year Ahead – what’s in store for the year ahead and how to use it to your best advantage
Cosmic Compatibility – what the stars say about your romantic self & the best partner for you
Life Path Personality – numerological insight to each guest’s personality and soul desires
Destiny Cards – each guest’s Personality Card and the current year divided into seven unique periods for each person, and what influences are current during that time.

Once we’ve planned your theme, all you need to do is collect birth information (usually just birthdate, or birthday including time and place for astrology workshops) from attendees. I’ll create a custom packet for each person including a horoscope and other materials related to the gathering’s topic.


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