Card of the Day – 7♣ – Seven of Clubs (Wands)

Seven of Wands5/25 – Today is a 7♣ day.


This card is about believing in a cause that is worth defending, going after what you want, and standing up for what you believe. Although it is a card of struggle, it is often the case of success despite adversity, depending upon one’s conviction.

I like to point out in this card that the man in the image, though fighting (or leading) many others, is in a position of advantage.

Seven of Clubs
Seven of Clubs

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Other Seven of Clubs Birthdays:
Coco Chanel
Friedrich Nietzsche
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ernest Hemingway
Bill Clinton

Card of the Day – 8♣ – Eight of Clubs (Wands)

Eight of Wands

5/24 – an 8♣ day.


This card shows things approaching completion, in the card the wands are 80-90% lined up. It also has a sense of swiftness, as the wands are flying through the air. They also represent needed information, news, or discovering something important. If this card shows up for you, it means that something is swiftly approaching completion or that you will be receiving some piece of news that unlocks the last puzzle piece.

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Card of the Day – 9♣ – Nine of Clubs (Wands)

Nine of Wands5/23 – a 9♣ day:

Keywords are:

This card reminds me of Cool Hand Luke when he is in the fight but keeps getting back up. It has the essence of the zen quote: ‘Fall down seven times, stand up eight.’ It encourages perseverance in the midst of struggle. It also reminds me of a Beckett quote: ‘Ever tried. Ever Failed. Nevermind. Try again. Fail better.’

Nine of Clubs
Nine of Clubs

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Nine of Clubs birthdays:
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Thomas Merton
Margret Thatcher
Agatha Christie
Ella Fitzgerald
Tony Robbins
Al Pacino
Robert De Niro
Juliette Lewis
Prince William
Prince Harry
Mariah Carey
Leonardo DiCaprio
Rene Zellweger

Cool Hand Luke
Cool Hand Luke, classic 9♣ archetype

Card of the Day – 10♣ – Ten of Clubs (Wands)

Ten of Wands5/22 – a 10♣ day:


Today think about what is unnecessary that you are carrying. Is there a burden that you have collected that you could put down? Try not to carry too much. Rest a little.

Also a great day to teach all of the things you have collected from your experience. You bring a lot to the table. This is a great card of success and determination. It is literally ‘The Teacher’ card. Multiple inspirations and ideas are available to you when this card shows up. Make sure that you have an outlet to share them with others so that the multitude of ideas or ‘irons in the fire’ do not become oppressive. If you feel burdened by ‘carrying too much’, learn how to put down what is not necessary. This card has great strength in it – just look at the names below who are ‘Ten of Clubs’ personalities. Great day for writing down new ideas, as you will likely have many of them today.

Ten of Clubs
Ten of Clubs

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Ten of Clubs birthdays:
Sir Richard Branson
Barbara Streisand
Charles Bukowski
Shirley MacLaine
James Cameron

Card of the Day – Q♣ – Queen of Clubs (Wands)

Queen of Wands5/20 – a Q♣ day:


Queen of Clubs is spirited, confident, and enthusiastic. She can hold a spotlight and has a self-assurance about what she does. She is fiery, but not over-confident, and usually ahead of her time. She is optimistic and has a sunny disposition.

Queen of Clubs
Queen of Clubs

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Other Queen of Clubs birthdays:
Immanuel Kant
H.L. Mencken
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Will Ferrell
Danielle Steel
Jack Nicholson
Mila Kunis

Card of the Day – K♣ – King of Clubs (Wands)

King of Wands5/19 –  a K♣ day:


King of Clubs is strong, courageous, bold and enterprising. He never does things in a way that would be considered ‘run of the mill’. He is fun, enigmatic, and enthusiastic. He has a commanding presence, instills confidence, and is often showy and theatrical. He is original and confident in pursuing his goals. Walt Disney and Mozart are perfect archetypes for King of Clubs.

King of Clubs
King of Clubs

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Other King of Clubs birthdays:
Walt Disney
Lewis Carroll
Mimi Rogers
Nicholas Roerich
Queen Elizabeth II
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Andie MacDowell
John Lennon
Mary Sue Hubbard
Roy Dupuis

Card of the Day – A♦ – Ace of Diamonds (Coins)

Ace of Coins5/18 – an A♦ day:


This is a card of security, prosperity, abundance, and trust. It literally depicts the riches of the world being handed to us by the universe. The seeds that we plant in the physical world – whether they be ideas, feelings, desires, or plans – are what allows creation to happen, and they create the eventual garden that awaits us in the background. When this card appears for you, think about what you are creating, and have faith and trust in that vision.

Ace of Diamonds
Ace of Diamonds

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Card of the Day – 2♦ – Two of Diamonds (Coins)

Two of Coins

5/17 – a 2♦ Day.

I love this card because it is all about flexibility. In the image, a man is juggling and balancing two things. It invites us to find balance, have fun. The more that we are able to bring an approach of flexibility to a situation, the better we will be able to handle it. In the image, he is standing on one foot – also representing finding one’s balance when many things are at play.

Its Keywords are:

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Card of the Day – 3♦ – Three of Diamonds (Coins)

Three of Coins5/16 – a 3♦ day:


Three of Coins shows a group of people working on a building. I call this ‘the builder’ card. There is the architect, the client, and the worker doing the physical work. The building is incomplete without any of them – the one who draws together the plans, the one who executes the work, or the one who is going to use it. This card also has team effort as a theme – accomplishing something together that would be dramatically difficult or almost impossible to do by one’s self.

Three of Diamonds
Three of Diamonds

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Card of the Day – 4♦ – Four of Diamonds (Coins)

Four of Coins5/15 – a 4♦ day:


Four of Coins shows a man clinging to four coins and thus immobilizing himself. It shows us that in desperately trying to hold on to what we have, we may inadvertently prevent ourselves from being able to receive anything or be in any way open. Also, when we expend all of our energy and resources on maintaining possession of what we have, it does not allow room for other things to flow in. I like to point out in the card that his heart is blocked by the coin he is holding in front with both hands. When we are trying to control everything in our environment, we cannot be flexible to what is available to us in the present.

Four of Diamonds
Four of Diamonds

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Other Four of Coins birthdays:
Woody Allen
Whitney Houston
Deion “Primetime” Sanders
Nikolai Lobachevsky