Card of the Day – 9♠ – Nine of Spades (Swords)

Nine of Swords3/1/14 – It’s a 9♠ day:


This is another card that people find unsettling to see in their spreads/readings. Funny how the cards about ‘too many thoughts’ (swords) generate uneasiness. This is a card depicting a woman in anguish in her bed. What I like to point out in this card is that she is actually safe at home and in a comfortable place, but that it is her own thoughts that are creating the problems for her. Of the 9 Swords on the wall, only 3 of them are actually interacting with her. This may signify that one is creating more problems than they have by overthinking, going in circles about the actual problems that exist, and turning them into something much more.

I also like to point out that in the small scenario depicted on the bed, there is an image of a swordfight going on, but only one person has a sword. Again, this signifies that the one person doing the ‘fighting’ may be one’s own self and that by not overfocusing or ‘worrying’ the problems themselves, we may save ourselves from creating unnecessary (self-created) anguish.

Nine of Spades
Nine of Spades

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Learn Tarot – Nine of Swords 

“Worry is like a rocking chair; it keeps you busy and gets you nowhere.”
-Mark Twain

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