Card of the Day – 8♠ – Eight of Spades (Swords)

Eight of Swords2/4 – It’s an 8♠ day:


Another ‘multiple swords’ or ‘too many thoughts’ card. In this card, a woman is bound and blindfolded, and obstructed by many swords stuck into the ground around her. It represents feeling stuck, confused, powerless, and wanting someone to come to your rescue. It can also represent victim mentality, when in reality, we always have a choice.

In this picture, the woman remains motionless and feels confined, but could actually cut her binds on one of the swords, unblindfold herself, and walk away. It is her mental acceptance of the situation, the ‘imprisonment’ of thinking about the situation in a certain way, literally the thoughts surrounding her, that are keeping her bound. This card tells us that if we are adamant in thinking a certain way, or having an overly fixed perspective, it can be very limiting for us.

Numerologically, 8 is a number of power, which usually comes about from the knowledge of giving and receiving in balance. This card also raises the question; to what are you giving away your mental attention and power?

Eight of Spades
Eight of Spades

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Eight of Spades birthdays:
Alice Cooper
Dr. Seuss


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