November Horoscopes by Sarah-Jane Grace

November Horoscopes by Sarah-Jane Grace

Welcome back! November looks set to intensify Keats’ ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ as a rich and vibrant energy twists and turns like the fallen leaves as they spin and dance in the wind. Although we can continue to expect upheaval and unrest as we ride the somewhat fractious and unpredictable twists and turns, there is an emerging sense of breakthrough as we each take a giant sigh and start to breathe more easily once again.

Although we continue to seek out balance and a sense of understanding, we are also beginning to make friends with the ultimately unknowable path ahead; when we live consciously in the moment, we step beyond linear time and living conditionally to instead live vibrantly and awakened exactly as we are. This is not about giving up, it is about being fully and wholeheartedly aware, letting go of preconceptions and having the courage to stand up and be authentic on every level of our being.

This all sounds wonderful but what does it really mean? Well, in essence it means stepping beyond the fear, the doubts and the uncertainty and realising that life, by its very nature, will always be uncertain. We can then either choose to become fearful of that fact, living life conditionally, watching and waiting, or we can become empowered and inspired by it, living more ‘deliberately’ in the moment. The latter takes courage, but it’s time now to let go and to make an inspired and empowered choice.

Living in the moment is not about giving up on goals or dreams; it is about grabbing the moment with both hands and being free now instead of waiting for some point in time before embracing life. Of course, with bills to pay, challenges to face and responsibilities to meet, it can be hard to be in the moment without worrying and feeling an insurmountable pressure to ‘fix’ life in order to be happy, but, this suggests a belief or storyline that we are incomplete and imperfect which takes us out of the present moment to some future focus or point in time where we think we can be happy, fulfilled and ‘whole’. This misses the point as it keeps us away from where we need to be and away from accepting and loving ourselves at this moment in time.

It therefore seems important that we each take some time this month to connect to the energy or vibration of this season of mellow fruitfulness as we begin to reap the harvest within. Feel the energy rise up from within and feel the joy in this very moment. This moment is the most precious gift of all as, in reality, it is the only moment we ever have…

The New Moon is in Scorpio on the 3rd (with an annular solar total eclipse) at 12.49 GMT and the Full Moon is in Taurus on the 17th at 15.15 GMT. The annular solar total eclipse on the is best seen from equatorial parts of Africa, although a partial eclipse will be visible in parts of North and South America, the Middle East and Southern Europe.

With love,

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