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Twin Flames / New Moon in Scorpio

Today is 11/11, which is Twin Flame energy. To learn more about Twin Flames, their dynamics and signs, do a search on ‘Twin Flames’, ‘the runner’, or ‘the chaser’, or ‘Twin Flame Signs’

We also have a powerful new moon in Scorpio today, which is a potent day to set new intentions regarding rebirth and transformation. In the video below, I give a brief overview of Twin Flame energy and the New Moon in Scorpio….

Tonight the New Moon in Virgo is at 19 degrees Scorpio and also the Hindu Festival of Lights know as Diwali.

The Sabian symbol for 20 degrees Scorpio is: “A woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway.”

Learn more about Sabian symbols here: